Collection: RPG Book Collection - Enter The dark Cursed Empire world.....

This is where it all started! Great to now have some of the original 2nd Ed Cursed Empire stock back in Europe plus still available in the US so as to try to keep shipping costs down. 

Get hold of all the out of print TTRPG books and delve deep into the epic setting of Thargos. Here we have the full RPG Book collection from the realm of the Cursed Empire, with its rich history and astounding depth of content - more than 25 years since its inception and still going strong - look out for the Third Edition Core Book soon to be launched on Kickstarter:

Please take note that all of the 2nd Edition lore is absolutely compatible with the upcoming 3rd Edition. We will also be releasing a free PDF with stat block conversions for all NPC's (Non Player Characters) so you can use all the existing material with the new stuff. Enjoy!!

These are heavy books at over 4.2kg for the set! Weighty Quality!