The Cursed Empire RPG Gaming World - The Story So Far

The Cursed Empire RPG Gaming World - The Story So Far

For those that do not know, the Cursed Empire RPG series of books (see here for these in our shop - - has a long history going back over 20 years and a strong, loyal following built up over that time.

Now, as we fast approach the launch of the stunning Third Edition (sign up here to get advised when it launches - Cursed Empire 3rd Edition Tabletop RPG by Christopher Loizou — Kickstarter ), the author Chris Loizou is putting together a series of short YouTube presentations giving an in-depth description of what it's all about, why he decided all those years ago to write these books and why it was done with such an immensely rich depth of game-play options. He also discusses the ideas behind the wealth of characters and scenarios, even to the extent of developing the Continent of Thargos to a minute detail of cities, towns, and villages in which the RPG books are set.

It's a fascinating insight into this fairly uniquely rich RPG game setting as well as providing an excellent stepping-stone into the eagerly awaited Third Edition.

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